Posted 15 days ago
When we were planning and building our restaurant and General Store, it was important for us to support our Conestogo community and local businesses. Join us as we showcase the some of the good folks who helped to bring Crowsfoot Smokehaus to life. Have you looked up in the restaurant and the general store to see our beautiful lights and chandeliers? We have @UrbanLightsInc, our expert lighting friends located in Kitchener, to thank for helping us create such wonderful ambiance throughout our space. Urban Lights has been illuminating homes, coffee shops, restaurants, workplaces, and other public buildings for over 20 years. They helped us to understand lighting and how an effective design can meet our needs, both now and in the future. They don't just select beautiful pre-made fixtures; they use illumination techniques and custom builds that work with a room's architecture and how it will be used. Thank you, Urban Lights! #CrowsfootSmokehaus


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