Posted 27 days ago
🚨J O I N O U R T E A M !🚨 Crowsfoot Smokehaus is officially hiring! As we progress closer towards completion, we’re excited to begin the hiring process and focus on building the best possible team. Join us from August 20-22, from 12-7 pm, for the Crowsfoot Job Fair at Catalyst 137 (137 Glasgow St. Kitchener), where where we're inviting you to join us to apply for jobs at Crowsfoot in person. Please note, we highly encourage completing the online application submission beforehand so we can contact potential candidates sooner to schedule interviews. To apply online prior to our Job Fair: 1. Head to the link in our bio to download the application 2. Fill it out completely 3. Email your completed application along with your resume and cover letter to We can’t wait to step into this next chapter of Crowsfoot, and we’re looking forward to having you join us for this monumental experience. #CrowsfootSmokehaus
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