Crowsfoot Smokehaus is located in the small farming town of Conestogo, and stands on what is known to be one of the oldest venues in the region. Settled by Mennonites and German immigrants in the 1820s, the site has had a centuries-long tradition of serving great food in a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.

This land has fed families for generations. It's where we've laid roots. It's where we've laid ground, and where we've laid out dinner. Yes, this land has exchanged hands over the years—it's been a tavern, a hotel, a community centre—but it's always been a place to gather, to settle, to exchange. And while we're not exchanging cattle, horses, and tracts of land anymore, we still come together. To share memories, conversation, and a quality meal.

As we open the doors once more, we invite you back to something familiar, but new. Something that supports the farmers and neighbours you already know, with a locally-sourced menu that combines the community's rich German culture with classic Southern-style smokehouse barbecue. Guten appetit.



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